Why do managers change jobs?


Alexandra Ene, Senior Consultant at Signium - Stein & Partners was invited as a guest on Profit News TV to share her insights on the various reasons behind changing jobs at top management level.
March 22, 2022

The decision to make a change professionally can derive from many situations – from the desire for a new challenge or growth, to changes or misunderstandings within the organisation, but also various personal contexts. This is true at any level. However, when it comes to top management profiles, people tend to have different motivations; if a person at the beginning of their career is rather looking for financial motivation or accessing roles where they can learn or grow, for example, an executive or manager has other challenges and expectations.

For an in-depth understanding, Alexandra Ene highlights the most common reasons in a very dynamic and insightful talk with the hosts of the show and we are happy to invite you to watch the embedded video.

Below are the main points that were covered:

  • How is the situation nowadays when top management professionals want to change jobs?
  • What exactly are they looking for or looking at in a new position?
  • What motivates them when it comes to a career change?
  • Is the increasing impact of ESG a reason to consider when taking on a new challenge?
  • What happens when a manager wants to change the industry?
  • How is meaning affecting the change of direction?
  • The importance of flexibility, adaptability, and personal time

Analysing the reasons why many executives are open to new professional opportunities, we were able to extract some common situations:

  • Changes within the organisation
  • Changes at industry level, especially decreases / contractions
  • The company enters another phase of maturity
  • The desire for a role with more impact
  • They are not supported in achieving the required results

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To access the full recording of the show, click (min 1:17:40) here.