“The Wisdom of Life & Leadership” Management Forum 2018


Stein & Partner’s annual Management Forum event was held in Sibiu on the 14th and 15th of June under the umbrella concept “The Wisdom of Life & Leadership”. It included the company’s Advisory Board meeting and an evening business event, and was the perfect occasion to take a close look at what leadership and wisdom mean. Stories and thoughts of our guests have proved once more that the best and most efficient way to do business is to put together the amazing reasoning of the mind with the passion of the soul, and the energy of emotions.

Above anything else, together with our guests, we agreed that the world would change in the right direction if the business world would be driven much more by improving the wealth of the community and by being in harmony with the natural environment, rather than by following just financial purposes. And this is exactly the core of Stein & Partner`s values and our team’s guiding light in serving our clients every day.

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