The New Age in Business – Diversity and Inclusion


Nowadays, companies are built from communities crystalized around skills, expertise and human connections, above anything else. When looking to fill a position, the employer should try to find candidates who possess those unique traits that would best complete the existing team, no matter their gender, race, ethnicity, local culture or subculture, age and generation.

Researches show that companies which embrace diversity and inclusion in their business outperform the market and thus have above-average financial results. That is because having a mix of different profiles, backgrounds, education, skill sets, and perspectives leads to innovation and helps the organization have a strong competitive advantage in any industry.

Therefore, creating a diverse and inclusive environment should be a one of the priorities in terms of recruiting, but should also be a focus when initiating retention and development programs, performance management and training strategies. Most importantly, managers should strive to create an atmosphere in which all employees feel encouraged to voice their opinions.