Terms & Conditions


Through the present document, Signium – Stein & Partner wishes to inform you on what we offer, what we can do for you, on our company’s website and its sections, on your rights and obligations, on our rights in terms of the website’s content, as well as on how we use the information you provide us with.

Signium – Stein & Partner is a company providing recruitment and consulting services for both domestic and international companies. We’re committed to support both our clients in search of the most suitable candidate for the job opening they have available in their companies, as well as those individuals in middle and top management positions who wish to take the next step in their career, and who join us in the process of identifying, within our client portfolio, the best available position for them.

Consequently, anytime you forward us your CV by using the website specific sections such as “apply now” or “send CV”, to our email address, or to the address of our company head office, please consider the matters described below.

Our website provides you with four sections that you can use in order to send us your CV, to inform us on your professional background, and through which we can inform you on the type of positions that might be of interest to you. Our contact page provides you with our email address, as well as with the addresses of our company offices, which you may also use for this purpose.

Under the sections “apply now” and “open positions” you shall find a number of available positions within our clients’ companies, having the opportunity to choose a particular position you may wish to apply for and to send us your CV, alongside your expectations.

Under the section “send CV” you will be able to send us your CV, in order to keep it in our database, should any position come up that might suit your profile.

Under the section called “subscribe to newsletter” you shall get the chance to choose to receive information reports / newsletters with news on the labour market, the most recent positions available within Signium – Stein & Partner client organizations, as well as other information related to the recruitment processes, industry – related news and announcements regarding Signium – Stein & Partner business. The absence of your consent to receive these Newsletters shall have no impact whatsoever on the deployment of the recruitment process that you have applied for, or that you may participate in at any given time in the future, since this is only a matter of option and not of obligation on your part.

Before sending us any of your details, either by using our website sections, our email or registered office address, given that we shall acquire some of your personal details, we hereby kindly ask you to read our company’s Privacy Policy.

Once your CV gets into our database, it shall duly follow our natural recruitment process.


If you applied for a certain position within the section “apply now”, the recruitment process is to be run exclusively from the perspective of that particular position, following that you shall only be contacted for other positions which you may be interested in, should you express your wish for us to do so, by checking the option „ I consent to be included in Signium – Stein & Partner’s active database until I withdraw my consent, and to be contacted by Signium – Stein & Partner for future positions that could be of interest to me” In such cases, we will be able to contact you any time, as long as you are in our database, if a position that you may still be interested in, becomes available.

If you applied by using the section “send CV” or if you sent us your CV by using our email or p physical address, then your CV will be uploaded in our database by default. Subsequently, your profile will be considered upon the opening of any position that might be of interest to you.

In any and all events, the recruitment process starts by a review of the professional information you have supplied, which shall be conducted by our specialists, so as to see to what extent your professional profile matches our client’s requirements and expectations for any given position available in the latter’s organizational structures.

If, following the review, we will identify enough compatibility elements between your professional profile and the respective position’s related expectations, we shall contact you to have a meeting, in order to get to know you and find out more about your expertise and expectations.

In the event that you get to the final stage of the recruitment process, we shall provide our client with a full report on your professional profile, in which we shall include the information you have supplied to us, regarding your personal and professional background. If the client decides so, we also send you a link for you to access in order to take a personality test. The results of the test shall be communicated by the service provider exclusively to our client. Signium – Stein & Partner provides due assistance to both the client and selected candidate until the very signing of the offer.

If, after you are contacted by us, you will refuse to enter into the recruitment process, we shall inform the client only with respect to the name, the position and the current employer of you, as an evidence of our work (that we have contacted you) and for avoiding you to be contacted for that position in the near future.

The support we provide you with during the recruitment process does not involve, on your part, in your capacity as candidate, or prospective candidate to any given position, any other cost except the one you may incur in order to send us your CV (e.g.: courier taxes, if sent using this way).


Having a vast experience in this field of expertise, Signium – Stein & Partner is fully aware that the success of a recruitment process is also achieved, inter alia, by using discretion, and thus, keeping the confidentiality of the information we get from you. Particularly, since you have asked for our assistance for taking a new step in your career, this is an obligation that we strongly undertake. Thus, we shall not disclose any such information to any individual who is not part of the recruitment process you may be involved in, but only to those of our clients for whose positions you have stated your interest in or for which we have run the recruitment process.

In our work to ensure the confidentiality of the actions you undertake, we kindly ask you to support us and provide us only with such contact details that are personal, and not those you may have from your current or any former employer. In any such events, if any individuals who are not authorized to duly acquire this information shall get to identify any correspondence between you and our company, we shall hereby undertake no liability whatsoever.

If, in order to contact you, we are to make use of any of your public contact details displayed on any social media networks, we shall never send you any public message but only private ones, using the private text messaging technology made available by the said platforms.

We shall be unable to abide to this confidentiality policy to the extent any legal disposition requires us to disclose any information on you, if we are to undergo any investigation conducted by any public authorities and the latter ask for access to our database where your data may also be found. However, usually the aforementioned public authorities are also bound by such statutory confidentiality obligations.

Our company undertakes no liability whatsoever for any disclosure you make by yourself regarding any actions you carry out with us.


In order for us to be able to support you in your career, please submit only current and accurate information, both in terms of your personal standing, and in terms of your professional training and expertise. We also kindly ask you to immediately notify us if any of the details you have sent us have undergone any change, so as to enable us to perform the required update and in order to accurately use your professional profile.

We kindly ask you not to send any messages or comments of any discriminatory, political, religious, xenophobe nature, or which may be likely to instigate to hatred, which have any illegal or immoral content or which lack any relevance whatsoever, from a professional perspective, regarding the position you have applied for, since any such messages shall not be considered.

Signium – Stein & Partner does not require a particular CV format, yet our recommendation is for you to use the most recent CV format in use at European level, so as to add value to your application.


Signium – Stein & Partner promises to do everything necessary to identify the best position that may suit you, yet our company is unable to guarantee you the success of any such endeavours.

We shall try to consider your professional profile any time new positions may come up in our clients’ organizations, yet we are unable to promise you that such positions shall appear and that they shall suit you or that your professional profile shall match them.


We wish to have you in our database, yet if at any given time in the future, we find that your profile is no longer needed, or in the event we are required to do so by any public authority, we shall erase it out of our records, without any need to inform you on this.

You shall be at any time entitled to ask us to delete your profile from our database, and we shall reply to any such request as soon as reasonably possible, while duly informing you on this aspect.


Our website’s configuration, the information we have included within, the pictograms, the concept in use duly stand for our intellectual property and as a consequence, their use in the absence of our company’s written consent shall stand for a breach upon our intellectual property rights, which may trigger your civil, contravention or criminal liability, as the case may be.


It is our wish and intent that the information you provide us with on yourself and on your professional background and expertise shall remain with us. Therefore, we enforce any and all necessary technical and organizational measures, as required in view of ensuring the safety of such information against any accidental destruction, loss, unauthorized disclosure. Our staff is trained in terms of how to handle the information they get from you, and in their turn, our company clients and providers undertake confidentiality obligations. Our information systems are well protected so as to prevent any security incidents, as far as the current technology enables us to do so.


For any details on your personal data processing please read our Privacy Policy.


For any questions, requests to exercise any of your rights, or to send us any notifications, please use the contact details available under the “Contact” section.