Team matchmaking in executive search


Team matchmaking or the wonders of finding the right people for the right places

Facing the cruel reality of human resources shortages and the high competition that’s characteristic to a growing economy, company leaders are making the switch from a process-centric entity to a human-centric one and acknowledging the transformational force of human interaction. Consequently, they need to build teams that work great together in order to thrive.

Finding people that are professionally suitable for the job, but who also fit with the rest of the team is now the priority in recruitment, as this complete match has become the no. 1 argument that makes people stay within a job more than the industry average, no matter the domain. However, it takes an experienced eye and a good knowledge of people to read between the CV lines right into the personality of the candidate. A job’s technicalities can be learned, after all, while being a great team player is a trait that companies need from their employers more and more to be successful.

Therefore, executive search is becoming increasingly sophisticated and human-centered. And that’s a great thing to witness, as HR consultants, because it shows that the market is evolving to respond to contemporary challenges.


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