Signium – Stein & Partner continues expansion in Europe


Signium – Stein & Partner becomes a key player in the international market of Executive Search and Human Capital Advisory, by continuing its expansion in Europe.


With more than 25 years of experience, the company plans to open two new offices in Ukraine and Serbia this year, as well as to focus on the performance of its Austrian office. Thus, the company will be consolidating its top position in the industry on the Romanian market, as well as at a Central and Eastern European level. This is, in fact, one of Signium – Stein & Partner’s objectives for the new year, which, albeit having navigated through a difficult time of uncertainty and declining economy, succeeded to maintain its success rate, and even exceeded the turnover of 2019.

“We have ahead of us a year with challenging premises, however, we are optimistic about our ability to deliver on our projects in the same upward trend as before. The demand for leadership and management able to deal with the given uncertainty remains high, maybe even more than before. Therefore, I can say with certainty that the pandemic has changed the manner in which companies approach candidates, but also how potential candidates address a new job. Companies seek to support management teams to cope with crises such as the current one and, consequently, continue to focus on a performance-based culture. It was not just about adjustment or delay, but about reinvention, in many cases, and I consider that this will be valid in 2021 as well”, underlined David-Sebastian Stein, Managing Partner Romania for Signium – Stein & Partner.

Human capital in the labour market, marked by important changes caused by the pandemic

In an atypical 2020, the demand for services in Executive Search and Human Capital Advisory has changed the previous trends. Signium – Stein & Partner has attracted most of their new clients from the Technology industry and Private Equity investment funds as well as industrial transformation projects. Other company data show that the Consumer Goods sector had an increase in demand by 300%, while the Production & Manufacturing recorded the highest decrease, of 44%. The demand for SSC (Shared Services Centres) / BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) also decreased in 2020, compared to the Construction sector or to the Insurance and Pharma industries, which maintained their upward trend in 2020 as well.

“In 2020, twice as many candidates were placed in financial positions compared to 2019 and we could also see a 33% increase in areas such as Marketing, Sales, IT & Digital. Another important aspect to be mentioned as a new trend for 2020 and 2021 is the candidates’ skill mix. Besides the technical skills, the capabilities mix focused on collaborative virtual leadership, workplace systems and platforms, data management and digital content creation”, continued David-Sebastian Stein, Managing Partner Romania for Signium – Stein & Partner.

Signium – Stein & Partner, a reliable partner in 2021 as well

Signium – Stein & Partner’s goals for the current year, in addition to further European expansion and the strengthening of the Austrian office, are to increase the success rate, which is already at over 87% even during the Covid-19 pandemic, to focus on implementing Leadership Solutions, as well as measure the long-term impact of its services in the businesses in which the company activates.

This article was published in Business Review and you can read it here as well.