We believe that people are the key of every company`s success, its engine and soul. Our ability to effectively develop recruitment projects and find the best match for our clients lies in the deep organizational understanding, great communication skills, and capacity to manage the expectations.

You have at your service a team of dedicated professionals, combining more than two decades of market and industry know-how with outstanding managerial experience. We can establish, in partnership with you, the most suitable approach to strengthen and develop your organization.

Stein & Partner provides a dedicated team with high expertise on site. The research is targeting one country and identifies exceptional candidates for Top Management positions, including expatriates and repatriates. Read more...

This service is available for both first and second line management positions.

Executive Search

Based on our deeply rooted regional network, a highly experienced research team, and partners across CEE, we can support you in identifying the leadership skills uplifting your business and accelerating the reach of company vision. Read more...

This service is applicable for Board (Executive and Non-Executive) and first line management positions.

Cross-border Executive Search

Using a targeted direct approach combined with database search and advertised selection, Stein & Partner supports you in identifying and attracting high potentials with the strong ambition to outperform the competition. Read more...

This service is applicable for middle management and specialist positions.

Management Search