We believe that people are the key of every company`s success, its engine and soul. Our ability to effectively develop recruitment projects and find the best match for our clients lies in the deep organizational understanding, great communication skills, and capacity to manage the expectations.

You have at your service a team of dedicated professionals, combining more than two decades of market and industry know-how with outstanding managerial experience. We can establish, in partnership with you, the most suitable approach to strengthen and develop your organization.

Executive Search is designed for the Search & Evaluation of executive management functions. A full market screening within the same business model comprising usually 3 to 4 industries while activating our network ensures full market overview and decisions based on complete information and benchmark. The quality of the first approach, the accuracy of the database and the experience of the Consultants setting the search strategy are marking the difference which we are proud of.
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Executive Search

Executive Search
Cross – Border Search

Whereas in the Executive Search we receive a snapshot of the market during a determined period of time, the talent mapping allows us to integrate our leadership advisory with the talent development and succession needs of the company, benchmarking available competencies to the business and human capital needs of the organization.
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Talent Mapping

Competency Benchmarking
Succession Planning

The Management Search procedure is designed for the placement of Middle Management and Specialist positions. The procedure takes into consideration a targeted direct approach in combination with advertised and database selection. The experience of the Consultants and the communication strategy developed are determining the quality and speed of placement.
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Management Search

Placement of Middle Management
and Specialist positions
Cross Border Search