Returning to the Human in Human Capital and Human Resources


Executive Search in the Digital Era

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, other digital technologies are making more and more room for themselves into the industries we are working in. They are still at the beginning of their development, but many fear them already, as they might be the ones that will be doing our jobs soon. They give people a rather suspicious feeling of intrusiveness and out of human touch and that is somewhat uncomfortable.

The human resources have not been spared of their presence, many of the processes within the management of these activities being already automatized or in the process of automatization. Even the search for new employees has been subject of profound technical transformation, powerful data processing tools making everything faster than never before. CV or profile selection, key qualities, personality tests… today most of them can be managed with the help of technology.

Nevertheless, there is one thing technology cannot do by itself: get people’s presence, in terms of individuality and energy. This presence is of paramount importance for interpersonal interaction, therefore to put together the right team would need a perfect alignment of exactly this personal energy. In the century of manifested leadership, these traits should be identified, nourished and developed in the company’s human resources environment with the care and delicacy of a gardener who needs to put together the right plants to obtain the landscape he wants.

We strongly believe that the future will be more human than ever when it comes to human resources – and especially when it comes to presence and leadership traits. Books might describe them, technology might be able to identify key words in people’s online CVs or bios, but only people can get that sense of authenticity and uniqueness that would make a person become a true leader for his/her team. Therefore, we strongly believe that the most efficient tool to find the right persons for a company’s team is in fact not a tool, but our own experience, perceptions and intuition.


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