Retention starts with recruiting


Great companies are made of amazing, driven, and talented people. The same great companies are successful in their endeavour to attract these exceptional people by having the best retention policies in place, as well as first-rate recruitment processes, which represent the beginning of the new people’s journey within the company.

This beginning is of major relevance for creating that attractiveness factor that makes a company the best place to work for anybody considering joining, no matter the experience or the position. A strong, balanced, experienced recruitment partner should represent the exact values of that company, immersing itself in the organizational culture and knowing how to look for the right human connectors between the company and its future employees. It’s the exact characteristics that candidates feel right away and click immediately to when considering the job.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s the human in human resources that transforms a company of any kind into a real team that can drive its future ahead.