People & Culture Brunch Series: Designing Culture for a New World of Work

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We were delighted to host a select group of senior HR professionals from the Romanian business community at our most recent People & Culture Brunch Series. This event series aims to spotlight innovative and inspiring HR topics; providing insightful thinking around the latest trends, and also room for discussion & best-practice sharing amongst the local community.

The topic of this event was ‘Intentionally Designing Culture for a New World of Work’. According to a recent survey of job seekers, 9/10 people look at Company Culture whilst looking for a job, 73% would not apply at an organisation that did not share the same values as their own, and 60% say that a healthy company culture is paramount.

Participants came from across the country to learn and share experiences around intentionally designing and embedding company culture. The event was facilitated by Rike Stein, Signium-Stein & Partner’s Head of Leadership Consulting. Rike brought her passion, expertise and belief in shaping organizational culture to share with participants, highlighting the importance of authenticity in designing cultures and living the true values that are crucial to organisational success.

Meeting in Maison 13 in Bucharest, this casual modern location in the centre of town was a great setting for generating ideas, innovation and connecting with other like-minded professionals. We explored questions around how do you intentionally design healthy & engaging cultures in the face of a changing world of work? How do you create the kind of cultures that not only engage, motivate and inspire employees but also those that lead to business success in an unstable operating environment?

There was an extremely vivid, open discussion with lots of involvement, energy and enthusiasm! Key takeaways included:

  • There is opportunity to intentionally design culture; culture can be shaped and designed. Culture should support both your purpose as a company, and also your business strategy.
  • It is key to make sure your culture is authentic and resonates with employees in the business. It needs to be lived; people need to know about it, believe in it and then also behave accordingly.
  • Culture is the responsibility of everyone in the business, but we in HR can play a powerful role in co-designing and creating a meaningful human-centred people experience.

If you would like to know more about this topic, or be a part of future events, please do not hesitate to contact us.