Organizational Development

Given the technological revolution, many business areas are being standardized, substituted or outsourced, and the business sector is facing mega trends, such as freelancing economies and flexible work schemes. Taking into consideration this direction on the market and the disruptive environments the companies are facing, the focus on leadership and people has become an indispensable necessity for any organization.

Organizational Alignment to Strategy

Aligning Human Capital and organizational structures to the company’s overall strategy is a key role in leadership and requires experience and sensitive communication. Stein & Partner steers your leadership team in identifying the most suitable solution by engaging the entire company.

Systems for Performance, Retention and Motivation

Transparent, easy to understand, and ethical performance indicators can be an essential base for modern leadership and bring your organization to the desired level. It also helps you to be clear on job descriptions and competencies required when evaluating new hires or internal talent.

Human Capital Alignment in M&As

Over 95% of mergers & acquisitions fail due to a lack of focus on people. Stein & Partner helps you to identify the Human Capital risk and to define related strategies pre-merger and to integrate organizations post-merger by systematic approach connected to vision.

Leadership Advisory

Leadership means to embrace responsibility and to engage organizations towards one vision. Obtaining the leadership skills required is not naturally given and needs permanent improvement. Starting to get to know yourself within the given context is the first step in shaping the future.

Corporate Culture Evaluation & Development

Corporate culture is the driver for motivation and performance, and it leads to increased retention of people. By shifting the focus on the work place culture, you will strengthen the engagement and ultimately the overall results.

Human Capital Team Development

The weakest team is stronger than the strongest individual. People, no matter the function, are subjective. However, combining forces and embracing team work as a daily routine improves sustainable company developments.


Plans are useless, but planning is everything. Any plan developed will have to be adjusted during the implementation phase and therefore Stein & Partner puts a strong focus on implementation and agile working methods to identify the solution that works also in practice.

Integration Coaching

Dealing with change and uncertainty is more and more an issue for nowadays management. Integration Coaching is therefore essential in order to help new candidates adjust easier to the new work environment or to support existing management in implementing organizational changes.

Interim Management

Change management processes as seen in startups, restructurings or disruptive organizational changes need experts, capable in dealing with such situations, preferably from the same or similar industry. We developed an extensive Network of Interim Managers and Consultants, ready to take on challenging projects in CEE.

Digital Solutions

Stein & Partner developed with external Partners specialized digital solutions for Performance Management and Employee Engagement. This helps to engage the entire organization towards one vision, distributing goals, and furthermore, significantly improves the internal communication.