Most wonderful 3 traits in the Romanian social culture


Every social culture borrows characteristics from the people’s general profile to their professional attitudes and behaviours. From this perspective, Romanians have always been appreciated by co-workers all over the world for being some of the most reliable and easy-going colleagues they have.

According to a Result Development Study on the values of Romanian employees, we are very family-oriented people and have strong connections and dedication towards our loved ones. This trait translates into the workplace as a high adherence of a person towards a team, people fit in easier and this results into much greater cohesion and effectiveness.

We are also very open and quick to relate to each other, and this becomes a highly appreciated quality at work, especially in industries that require frequent contact with people. This makes it easy for us to adapt and always find creative ways to make multicultural teams work very well together.

It is also our curiosity and capacity to learn new things and grow that makes us stand out in corporate environments. Being able to quickly resonate and connect to information helps us stay in the forefront of team developments no matter the company we are working for.