The Potential is the Focus. Interview with Andreea Manta, Partner


What do you see as the most important trend marking the executive search industry?

As talent and people skills tend to become more and more relevant in any managerial job, we turned our focus towards the person behind the job description. This is the result of an ever-changing business environment that challenges companies to be flexible and to have a high degree of adaptability so as to respond to markets’ moves.

Speaking about adaptability, would that be the main trait of a top manager today?

Many necessary managerial traits always come in various shapes and styles, as companies vary and organizational cultures are ever more diverse. Adaptability is one of the most important skills a manager should own today, as this is one of the strongest characteristic to have, to be able to lead your team forward.

What else would you look for in a top manager?

What we notice as showing true value in relationship building within a senior position, as this became the most important role at this level, are honesty and self-awareness. There is nothing more rewarding for both parties than to relate to each other openly and thoroughly and thus build a long-term collaboration.