Management Search

The Management Search procedure is our service for filling middle management and specialists’ positions. It represents a tailor-made search strategy, combining targeted research and direct approach activities with comprehensive own database search and announcements placed on our intensively visited website and in online media.

To identify and attract key talent in nowadays market is at the core of each company and Stein & Partner is proud to announce that most companies who have worked also for middle management positions with us have faced significant growth rates.

Depending on the profile of the position and the availability of professionals in the targeted line of work, between 30 to 40 contacts and possible candidates are identified in the local market. The project Consultant conducts detailed interviews with 10 to 15 pre-evaluated persons, ultimately most likely resulting in the selection of maximum 3 – 4 candidates to be presented to the client, who on the basis of the defined specifications qualify for the position.

Prior to the presentation of the selected candidates, a comprehensive confidential report on each candidate is prepared. Candidates are presented to the client and we support the first meetings, as well as the entire process of negotiation.