Executive Search

Finding, evaluating and making a considered choice in placing the Leader to fulfil a company`s vision is probably the most important challenge the company has to take in order to ensure its further success and development.

Finding candidates who are professionally taking the company to the next level, culturally fit to the existing environment and personally motivated is the challenge we commit to in every and any assignment we take on. Therefore, it is essential for us to evaluate the whole context, communicate with the different stakeholders if confidentiality permits and strategically prepare and onboard the Leaders needed.

Therefore, “Executive Search” is becoming increasingly sophisticated and human-centred. And that’s a great thing to witness, because it shows that the market is evolving to respond to contemporary challenges.

The Executive Search procedure is designed as a process, characterized by a full market screening and strong interpersonal communication, evaluation and negotiation. The foundation for an Executive Search project is an in-depth knowledge of the specific markets, state-of-the-art search techniques, qualified referrals through our vast network and a well-maintained and structured database on industries and potential candidates, including national and international candidates, expatriates and repatriates.

The number of approached, long- and shortlisted candidates depends on the profile and the availability of professionals in the requested area. In general, we expect to identify for a top position between 20 to 30 possible candidates. During the evaluation phase, we conduct detailed interviews with 10 to 15 professionals, ultimately most likely resulting in the selection of a shortlist of 3 to 5 candidates, which are very close to the defined specifications for the position.

Given our strong market insights and experience in the field, we will advise with the client on the search focus, based on industries, companies and potential alternatives.

Prior to the presentation of the selected shortlist of candidates, a detailed confidential report on each candidate is prepared, evaluating strengths and weaknesses and giving insights about motivation and soft aspects. All candidates are presented to the client personally and we manage the expectations until the parties successfully start their collaboration. This requires finesse and high attention to detail, as we are dealing with Humans and small mistakes can lead to failure.

In addition to the above mentioned points, Stein & Partner is offering Integration Coaching, which can be crucial in times of change, in order to onboard and to switch over the necessary responsibility in a considerably short period of time.

Having experience in advisory board consultancy and succession plan strategies, organizational culture diagnosis and development, shaping the leadership profile within the company – adds a significant amount of value to the ability of finding the right person for the right position. In order to be able to deliver these essential services for our clients, the Stein & Partner team has been building constantly on agility and resilience, understanding the needs and expectations of both the organizations and the candidates.

Thus, by being ready to assess, analyse, recommend and deliver the services necessary to shape the best solutions for our clients and being capable of building teams of transformational leaders, we are significantly contributing to the companies’ development not only in terms of human resources, but also in terms of business-figures.