Employee wellbeing in Romania


Alexandra Ene, Senior Consultant at Signium - Stein & Partner goes live on Digi 24 and shares her insights and expertise on various initiatives related to employee wellbeing

February 19, 2022


The probability of a higher stress increased during the pandemic, when work-life balance became more important than ever. As the transition to remote or hybrid work programs has brought unprecedented challenges to employees, there has been a growing need for organizations to implement solutions to help them manage the challenges they face individually or as a team.

The companies acted quickly by implementing integrated programs covering psychological counseling sessions, mental well-being workshops, emotional, spiritual balance and physical invigoration, as well as financial well-being.

For a deeper dive into the subject, our colleague, Alexandra Ene, has concrete examples on such initiatives and explains how these should be based on the real needs of the employees when implementing them.

You are invited to our Youtube channel to watch her live intervention or you can access the full show (min 22:10) here.