Dealing with company transformation processes


Every once in a while, any company goes through an adaptation period that needs to align not only the technical and market-related sides of the business, but also the internal processes and how people communicate and relate to each other in order to get things done. But, as any other change in people’s lives, it generates drawbacks and suspicion.

There are two aspects that are actually transcending most of the transformation processes.

One is the way the leaders and management teams understand it, internalize it, live it and pass it forward authentically and faithfully. As soon as they acknowledge the power of influence of their role, and they liberate themselves from their own resistance and prejudice, the transformation is starting to become reality.

The other essential aspect is adapting the pace of change to the team – there is nothing more efficient than addressing people’s fears as early as possible and slowly finding solutions to work together towards becoming better.

Because the essence of all changes is wanting to reach the next level, to adapt and be always able to respond to today’s challenges with an open mind for tomorrow.


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