Contemporary Leadership: what drives companies and people today


It’s empowerment. Giving up micromanagement to grant the team a fair chance to learn from their own mistakes. A different type of courage that generously allows people to pick their individual way of growing. It’s actually the acknowledgement of the value of personal motivation and empathy that makes people tick and clients rock.

It’s inspiration. Wanting to become your best version and applying your values and ethics profoundly and authentically. And it’s about being vulnerably strong and bottom line human, thus encouraging the others to embrace who they are completely and find the right way for themselves.

It’s attention and compassion. It’s about giving people the time and the space to accommodate the job in their lives and not vice versa. Also, listening to their suggestions and advice and taking them with you along in the company’s ride.

It’s passion. The fire within that goes beyond excruciating hours of practice and learning, and strikes right into people’s hearts. It’s that which drives development and growth, endless curiosity and infinite energy to get things done.


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