Communication – the state of flow that fuels organizational development


Fuelling a company’s mechanism of functioning means knowing its components to the tiniest screw and acknowledge each part’s role in having the entire system work flawlessly. That’s why companies are usually looking for the competences people have that would fit the mechanism. But wouldn’t it be much more efficient to start with the fuel that makes them work, by choosing the people so as to fit together and thus get the best out of their motivation and drive?

We do live fast times. So fast a time that the company has to work together like a perfect machine even more than before. Only that, oftentimes, managers are so drawn into finding the right components for the machine that they forget about also choosing the right fuel. This fuel is communication, the magical substance that gives life to the engine of any company around the world. No matter the industry or the type of activity a company is offering to its clients, its entire structure is based on people and their relationships: interpersonal, in-team, and external relationships that are always intertwined.


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