Business2Society Event: Circular Economy Leads to New Business Culture

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Signium – Stein & Partner were delighted to recently welcome CEOs, Heads of Institutions & Universities to discuss how the concept of a circular economy can lead to new business culture and opportunities. This was part of the Business2Society Event Series; whereby members of the business community are invited to discuss and engage on pertinent issues around leading into the world of tomorrow.

The event, held at Casa Vlasia, was opened by Werner E. Stein (founder of Stein & Partner) who articulated the growing need for change and driving purpose-led cultures. We were then thrilled to have Prof. Dr. Peter Heck (Founder and CEO of the IfaS Institute in Trier, Germany)  lead the group through what actually is the Circular Economy and how to drive individual organisations towards a circular business model. After ample time for networking and connecting, Ms. Friederike Stein (Partner at Signium – Stein & Partner in Vienna, Austria) presented on how to transform towards purpose-led & progressive company culture. Detailing how to intentionally design company culture in order to drive employee happiness & performance, as well as business results.

There were a number of key takeaways from the event, highlights included:

  • Understanding that the Circular economy is a global economic model that decouples economic growth and development from the consumption of finite resources
  • Looking at managing materials more intelligently and through systems based thinking; breaking away from a linear model to ideally a closed-loop economy.
  • Authenticity is key when it comes to designing culture. Your culture needs to be lived by each member of the organisation: employees need to know about it, believe in it and behave accordingly.
  • Culture is the responsibility of everyone in the business; HR can support by creating a meaningful people experience, and facilitate this process.
  • Your culture needs to fit your individual company, and support your purpose & business strategy.

We thank all our speakers and participants for the extremely fruitful and open discussions.

If you would like to know more, or attend future events, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Signium-Stein & Partner team.