About us

To come to Romania in the turbulent period the country was facing in the 1990s was not the ideal circumstance for a foreigner. However, I was excited with the opportunity to build here “SOS Satele Copiilor Romania”, two villages for children in Bucharest and in Cisnadie/Sibiu. After successful completing and managing to take in 180 children, I was thrilled by the market dynamism and I founded Stein & Partner with the aim to promote the opportunities in Romania among investors and to support companies in their establishment of local organizations with the right people. Now, 25 years later, I am sure it was the best decision, giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful country, to work with remarkable colleagues, and be able to support so many companies over the years.

Werner E. Stein

Founder of Stein & Partner

Our Values

Ever since Werner E. Stein, our Founder, started the company, we have strongly believed in an approach that goes beyond the strict professional connections, and builds a community founded on values and character.
We believe in the ethics of commitment and transparency, as well as client satisfaction through understanding their needs and efficient deployment of expected results.
All our values are manifested wholeheartedly towards all our colleagues, partners, clients, and candidates, so that together we can contribute to a healthier, stronger business environment, in which everybody has its rightful place to manifest their talent and passion.

Stein & Partner in a Nutshell

Founded in 1994, in Bucharest, Romania by Werner E. Stein, Stein & Partner positioned itself from the outset as the trusted Executive Search advisory firm for foreign investors, entering and/or expanding their business within Romania and Bulgaria.

After building partnerships with the largest global international firms within the region, the company used its expertise to extend the activity and share its experience across Central Eastern Europe. By opening own offices in Vienna, Sofia, Zagreb, and expanding collaborations to Istanbul and Frankfurt, the company was able to successfully advise its clients at regional level while capitalizing on a strong local and business-oriented context.

David-Sebastian Stein joined the company in 2010, with the aim to support the ambitious vision of Werner E. Stein.

Currently, Stein & Partner’s team offers an extensive portfolio of services, that range from Executive Search to Human Capital management and Organizational Development solutions.


Become the leading human capital advisor for businesses all across Eastern Europe.


Provide our clients with the highest business-driven standard in human capital advisory and preserve the core values of a family-owned, ethical, and personal business.


Extend strategic offices and collaborate with carefully selected local partners, and expand the business in order to provide a complete range of human capital advisory services in the entire region of CEE.