Blind spots in interviews and how to avoid them

The greatness of our social being characteristics is that we can easily connect with each other and have conversations that influence our energy. It is as valid for interviews, as for any other encounter and it makes our job amazingly beautiful. It can also become a challenge, as having great conversation skills does not make up for the technical ones.

Therefore, a potential and harmful blind spot is getting carried away by a person’s open and friendly personality. Whilst it is always great from the perspective of coordinating a team, there are also other things that have to be taken into consideration and evaluated. References, situational and competency-based interviews, examples of solutions to specific situations the candidate has implemented, carefully tailored questions to identify behavioural patterns have to be added to the discussion so as to clarify all details.

Another notable blind spot would be rushing to consider a candidate as not being suitable before doing a more complex appraisal. Consequently, we are to leave the subjectivism aside and correctly asses the know-how, experience, skills, values and potential match with our client’s company.

What we are looking for most when in search of leadership potential

Renowned author Daniel Goleman states that a person with true leadership potential is driven to achieve beyond expectations – first and foremost the ones that they set for themselves. “They seek out creative challenges, love to learn, and take great pride in a job well done. They display an unflagging energy to do things better. They are also eager to explore new approaches to their work”, says Daniel Goleman.

Also, people who communicate easily, are positive and determined, and in the same time self-aware and analytical, have great opportunities of becoming true leaders. Teams usually need somebody who leadership helps them get to their next level in the most non-intrusive way. Therefore, they will always appreciate and grant full trust to a leader that is rather humble and has a coach-like approach, not power driven and directive.

Not always the persons with leadership potential are fully aware of their capabilities, consequently one of our team’s most important role is finding them the right place to become what they are meant to be, as well as help them develop the career that highlights their best features. It’s the only way both them and the companies that nurture them will win the performance game.