Most wonderful 3 traits in the Romanian social culture

Every social culture borrows characteristics from the people’s general profile to their professional attitudes and behaviours. From this perspective, Romanians have always been appreciated by co-workers all over the world for being some of the most reliable and easy-going colleagues they have.

According to a Result Development Study on the values of Romanian employees, we are very family-oriented people and have strong connections and dedication towards our loved ones. This trait translates into the workplace as a high adherence of a person towards a team, people fit in easier and this results into much greater cohesion and effectiveness.

We are also very open and quick to relate to each other, and this becomes a highly appreciated quality at work, especially in industries that require frequent contact with people. This makes it easy for us to adapt and always find creative ways to make multicultural teams work very well together.

It is also our curiosity and capacity to learn new things and grow that makes us stand out in corporate environments. Being able to quickly resonate and connect to information helps us stay in the forefront of team developments no matter the company we are working for.

The Potential is the Focus. Interview with Andreea Manta, Partner

What do you see as the most important trend marking the executive search industry?

As talent and people skills tend to become more and more relevant in any managerial job, we turned our focus towards the person behind the job description. This is the result of an ever-changing business environment that challenges companies to be flexible and to have a high degree of adaptability so as to respond to markets’ moves.

Speaking about adaptability, would that be the main trait of a top manager today?

Many necessary managerial traits always come in various shapes and styles, as companies vary and organizational cultures are ever more diverse. Adaptability is one of the most important skills a manager should own today, as this is one of the strongest characteristic to have, to be able to lead your team forward.

What else would you look for in a top manager?

What we notice as showing true value in relationship building within a senior position, as this became the most important role at this level, are honesty and self-awareness. There is nothing more rewarding for both parties than to relate to each other openly and thoroughly and thus build a long-term collaboration.

Executive search is the new strategic leadership advisory

In an age dominated by the overwhelming importance of people development, as well as talent discovery and growth, companies today need much more than a great executive search partner – they need a strategic one. The executive search term in its very technical meaning is just a part of the whole package of competencies these entities are looking for.

Having experience in advisory board consultancy and succession plan strategies, organizational culture diagnosis and development, shaping the leadership profile within the company – adds a significant amount of value to the ability of finding the right person for the right position. In order to be able to deliver these essential services for our clients, our team has been building constantly on agility and resilience, understanding the needs and expectations of both the organizations and the candidates.

Thus, by being ready to assess, analyse, recommend and deliver the services necessary to shape the best solutions for our clients, we are significantly contributing to the companies’ development not only in terms of human resources, but also in terms of business.

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