The perfect management position for you is one interview away

As executive search partners, we are the first ones to meet with our clients’ potential candidates for the positions we are recruiting for. And it is always a pleasure to discover again and again the wonderful diversity in personalities and work experience that makes for people’s uniqueness. But what is even more impressive is finding the right balance between a great energy, openness to new things and lifetime learning, combined with a curiosity and desire to perform.

What we are always looking for in the right candidate would be the person behind the professional experience and the position:

  • the positive vibe, confidence, and enthusiasm
  • honesty and responsibility for one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  • curiosity for what’s behind a job announcement, demonstrated interest for the company and good preparation of the interview

More often than not, these traits belong to the ones that see the added value in soul-searching and ever-learning, the ones that really look at jobs as steps in their personal development, not only the professional one. This is the reason why we would be always happy to get to know people that are ready to acknowledge their next level of performance.

Retention starts with recruiting

Great companies are made of amazing, driven, and talented people. The same great companies are successful in their endeavour to attract these exceptional people by having the best retention policies in place, as well as first-rate recruitment processes, which represent the beginning of the new people’s journey within the company.

This beginning is of major relevance for creating that attractiveness factor that makes a company the best place to work for anybody considering joining, no matter the experience or the position. A strong, balanced, experienced recruitment partner should represent the exact values of that company, immersing itself in the organizational culture and knowing how to look for the right human connectors between the company and its future employees. It’s the exact characteristics that candidates feel right away and click immediately to when considering the job.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s the human in human resources that transforms a company of any kind into a real team that can drive its future ahead.

“The Wisdom of Life & Leadership” Management Forum 2018

Stein & Partner’s annual Management Forum event was held in Sibiu on the 14th and 15th of June under the umbrella concept “The Wisdom of Life & Leadership”. It included the company’s Advisory Board meeting and an evening business event, and was the perfect occasion to take a close look at what leadership and wisdom mean. Stories and thoughts of our guests have proved once more that the best and most efficient way to do business is to put together the amazing reasoning of the mind with the passion of the soul, and the energy of emotions.

Above anything else, together with our guests, we agreed that the world would change in the right direction if the business world would be driven much more by improving the wealth of the community and by being in harmony with the natural environment, rather than by following just financial purposes. And this is exactly the core of Stein & Partner`s values and our team’s guiding light in serving our clients every day.

For access to more pictures from the event, please click below:

5 things to look for when choosing an executive search partner

When in need for an outstanding candidate able to fill top management positions in your company, or when your company is going through changes and it needs the right human capital counselling, an executive search team is the best add-on to your efforts. To make sure your choice fits the needs of your organizations, check if the selected partner has:

  • The right team and expertise to understand your company’s scope of business, industry, activity, as well as organizational culture
  • An approach that fits your expectations, resources and available time
  • The necessary complementary tools and know-how to help you further develop and implement your human capital strategy
  • The discretion, availability, and kindness to be there for you whenever you need their advice and support in making the right decisions
  • But most importantly, talk to the Consultant or project team and evaluate if they click with you and have similar values and perceptions as you do.

Once you have made your decision, make sure that you allocate attention and enough time towards the project team in order to make sure your vision has been understood. Filling important management positions can only be successful if all decision makers and influencers are on board from the beginning and when you become an active part of the Executive Search team who is representing your company.


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