Discovering the next company leaders

The next leader. Choosing the right person to fill that role is probably the most important decision the head of the company has to make in order to ensure that the team benefits from the best environment to move forward towards reaching the business goals. But this is no easy task, as companies are entities per se, and their leaders are unique personalities who need to match with the organization’s core values, but who also have to find the right balance between their own drive and the established company objectives in order to perform at full potential.

Identifying the ideal candidate starts from the company, its business objectives, processes, culture, and people, as well the management in place and its vision for the future. On the other hand, the process requires using tools for assessment and analytics, as well as asking behavioural questions, which help the recruiter determine people’s potential and filter the most suitable candidates for the job.

Once all these components are coordinated by the company’s leadership and specialists together, the outcome would ensure not only smooth business continuity, but also enhanced performance and team motivation and alignment.


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Organizational Diagnosis – identifying the right buttons to push for progress

There are times in a company’s life when change raises in the air and a discrepancy between actual and desired performance is starting to impact on the company’s success. But where to start in rebalancing the teams and in developing their skills for further growth?

To go back to square one is one strong approach: the company’s mission and values, the alignment of the processes and the team’s ways of communicating and working together. Starting from identifying the structural backbone of the organization’s engine gives its leaders the perfect view over the levers they can use. The next essential step would be corroborating the findings with the personal motivation and drive of each team member, so as to align every element of the development in a flawless process.

A view from the outside in is of immeasurable value in terms of bringing unbiased information to the table and building a thorough analysis of the company’s realities and potential for improvement. Together, the company will be faster and more efficient in finding the right actions to take in order to push for growth.


Follow our LinkedIn company page for weekly leadership titbits on executive search and organizational development.