Stein & Partner welcomes Catalin-Cedric Ghigea as Senior Partner


We are happy to announce that Catalin-Cedric Ghigea is our company’s Senior Partner, as of April 2018. From his new role, he will join David-Sebastian Stein, Susana Ferreira, and Andreea Manta in managing Stein & Partner. Our seasoned experts will continue to be mentored by Mr. Werner Stein, as Senior Advisor and Founder of the company.

Catalin has a longstanding career as a coordinating manager for large international consultancy and commercial companies, while also having tasted the challenges and successes of an entrepreneur that grew his own company to international reputation. His expertise consists of building team and business development programs and projects for local and multinational companies, creating and implementing sound management processes, as well as assisting large companies to initiate and conduct business in the CEE Region.

This multidisciplinary experience spanning a period of over 20 years allows him to have a broad vision over local and international economic environments, while granting him the best position to support companies of every size and industry in their organizational development endeavour.

We welcome Catalin to the team, and we look forward to a great evolution together.