Management Search

Is our procedure to place middle management positions and specialists, it combines a research based limited direct approach with a database search and advertisements in press and online media. This procedure ensures quality and efficiency for our clients.

Limited Direct Approach

Together with the client we define a targeted search strategy in order to find the appropriate candidates for the position. Industries and companies will be predefined and discussed with the client.

Database Search & Advertising

With more than 75.000 constantly updated CVs of national and international potential candidates in Central & South Eastern Europe Stein&Partner has one of the most complex and valuable database in the region.
We work with a special form of indexing database which can be easily customized towards our clients needs and supports the process of finding the best suitable candidates.

Additionally  Stein&Partner works together with the most important local and online media agencies in order to find the best solution in designing and placing the advertisement for our clients. The applications are screened, sorted and the most suitable ones assessed according to the clients request.

Special Expertise:

For middle management positions we tend to use a broad and cross industry focus in order to successfully place the requested positions, therefore we are successfully placing middle management positions across all industries.

Our Expertise for specialists lies in IT, Engineering (Energy / oil & Gas / Automotive) & Commodity Trading

Timing & Schedule

The phases of every Management Search project encompass research, database search, screening applications, interviews and assessments, presentation of candidates, negotiations, reference checking and follow-up procedures. In order to bring together the suitable candidates with clients and guarantee a successful placement, we usually fulfil assignments in:

* 3-4 weeks for specialists
* 4-5 weeks for middle management positions

I. Preparation

Defining clients needs
Determining search & selection strategy

II. Sourcing

Targeted direct approach
Database search


III. Selection

Assessing potential candidates
lnterviews & assessment

IV. Presentation

Presentation of the best suitable candidates

IV. Follow up