Integration Coaching

Integration Coaching is our service to smoothen the transition of senior executives into a new position or into a new business environment. It helps the manager to take over his new responsibilities more effectively and to adjust to the new challenges organizational and cultural wise.

The first 100 days are critical for the newly hired executive, especially for expatriates. But the integration is a complex transition process and can takes up to 12 months. In order to prepare and accompany the executive, Stein Partner usually offers a minimum of 100 days in order to go with the client through the process of integration and to prepare both parties for the right start.

The different stages of an Integration process:

  • “Welcome” or the “Honeymoon”(1 – 2 months). During this stage, both the organization and the executive are in the “Honeymoon” and transmit positive, confirming messages that reinforce the confidence that people feel. This is the stage of introducing each other, getting acquainted with the new organizational environment, being clear about the role, expectations, performance, success, identifying networking opportunities and highlighting the on-boarding plan and orientation program.
  • Reality Stage (3 – 4 months). Having a lot more information, the executive might wonder after three months, if they made the right decision? This is the stage where the doubts starts, where they start to see the good, the bad and the ugly of understanding the organization and also they suffer a decrease of self-confidence regarding their ability of being successful.
  • Adjustment (5 – 7 months). This third phase of the integration process is crucial. While the executive is recovering his self-confidence, the relationships start to take hold, the expectations are more realistic and from the outside it may look as though they have settled in. But actually this is the period when he makes the decision of staying for long-term time or leave.
  • Integration (7 – 12 months). Depending on the complexity of the role and organization, the integration process is usually completed in about 12 months. The executive has complex knowledge about the organization, he feels comfortable and the commitment increases. (…today, everything has to be faster??)