For business people, Coaching has become more and more important in recent times. It is nowadays an indispensible tool in management. Coaching is the practice of supporting an individual or a group of people through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result.

Coaching may be needed in numerous situations: it can help to develop a single person in a team, to be a sparring partner for the General Manager to discuss all issues of management and help in the decision making process, or to facilitate a change process within the top management team or even help managers in transition phases, when they need new elements of orientation.

Coaching means assisting, facilitating, opening up, knowing that action and willingness to change has to come from the coachee. Coaching implies a very honest and nearly familiar relationship with the coachee, knowing that the borders between professional and private life are often fluid.

A good coach is focusing on the coachee, asking the right questions; his/her task is to make the coachee think about his behavior to create awareness for his/her situation, to stimulate the right decisions or trigger changes. At the same time, the coach remains in the background.

Stein&Partner has experienced coaches who are credible due to their extensive business and life experience. They know how to listen and to understand specific situations of managers. They have access to different instruments enabling them to explain patterns of behavior to make the coachee more aware about his/her own situation. Stein Partner Coaches have a holistic view on human beings thus enabling them to look “behind the façade”. This is extremely useful since it opens up the way to better understand basic beliefs, models of thinking and programs that the coachee may be unconsciously following.

Each coaching process is different; nevertheless three points are always essential:

  • clear objectives
  • strategy on how objectives can be achieved
  • follow-up of the results.

Our coaches developed a special program based on the Systemic approach – systems theory developed by Niklas Luhmann and the modern physics principles by Capra, etc. Further methodology encompasses the method of ‘mirror’ and guided interview inspired by Carl Rogers, as well as the transaction analysis (model proposed by Eric Berne) which analyzes unconscious behavioral and communication pattern.