Stein&Partner‘s definition of Strategic and Integrative Consulting: The development, guidance, implementation, and sustainable integration of custom-made solutions in Personnel Search, Evaluation and Development.

Ethical Guidelines

Over the past years, Stein&Partner has gained and maintained a solid position of leaders on the CEE market. We developed an impecable reputation and positive image. The principles which have led and guided our performance are:

  • ethics and confidentiality in relation to both candidates and clients
  • strong commitment towards client needs, expectations and satisfaction
  • successful and rapid development and fulfillment of the assignments
  • transparent,  efficient and professional communication –  both to clients and candidates
  • reliability in relation to clients and candidates
  • our value driven motivation regarding clients, candidates and partners
  • regardfulness, correctness, appreciation which enable us to rely on a
  • trustworthy approach

Spiritual Venture Network

For some time now, Stein&Partner has been actively involved in the Germany-based value driven organisation Spiritual Venture Network. We have also acted as promotors in the Region and introduced it to the Romanian public in 2010 with the aim of bringing together interested people from various business areas. The mission of this value driven network is to combine the fundaments of Management and ethical values, the development of self-consciousness and the transfer from an individual to group and community consciousness.

Modern organisations of the future will have to realise the importance of their mission and responsibility within and beyond the business and social community.

Over 160 companies in Germany are already members of the organisation, brought together by the desire to harmonize economical, ethical and ecological objectives, knowing that inspiration, intuition, mutual attention, caring and serving the community are important elements in these discussions.